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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  June 22, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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well, the owners of a georgia day care are out on bail after a 2-year-old died. she was left in the day caravan for three house. it was 92 degrees outside and the temperature inside the van likely reached 135 degrees.
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funeral arrangements are still worked out. these situations are really arecordable -- avoidable. you have to be careful. much of it comes down to habit. we'll take a look at some things that could help save a life. >> reporter: we hear about the tragedies when children and animals are left in hot cars. yesterday, a 2-year-old in georgia died after being left in a day caravan for three hours. it's important to know that a hot car can turn deadly in a matter of minutes. the howard county health department wants to make sure that doesn't happen here. here's how quickly the car turned dangerous. it was starting at 98 degrees. fewer than ten minutes later, with the door closed, 120 degrees.
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that's a potentially deadly situation. always avoid a tragedy like this. >> what's something that you would normally take out of the car, that's in the back seated. -- put it in the back seat so you see the child. >> reporter: pets are just as vulnerable. >> the pets can't talk and complain. and they don't perspire like people do. they need the same amount of care that your children would and not to be left in the car. >> reporter: if you see a child or animal left unattended in a hot car -- >> don't be afriday to get involved. this can be lethal. call 911 and if you don't get an mediate response, break a window and get the child out of the car. >> it's about vulnerable people. >> reporter: whether it's infants and illerly and -- elderly and people with special
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needs, it's the entire population. >> reporter: you have to be vigilant in the summertime. it's dangerous and illegal. you can be arrested and charged. in howard county, manny lock, abc2 news. here's another trick. keep a teddy bear in the car with you. when your child is in the backseat, the teddy bear goes in the front seat. if your child isn't with you, put it in the car seat. there's a device that can help you keep better track of your child if they get 15 feet away. we'll explain how it works. it's on well, the water main break in east baltimore has been fixed. customers were affected and the
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break happened on saturday. still no swimming allowed at the glenn isle beach. water samples showed high levels of bacteria. the advisory was issued on june 13th. the health department issued no swimming advisories for harold harbor and groundsville and lake claire. let's look at the top stories tonight. streets, parking lots and downtown businesses are crowded with folks heading downtown. more than 70,000 people are heading downtown for the concert that kick off at 7:00 -- kicks off at 7:00. it will be crazy and congestion. light rail will work for an extra hour tonight. police in glenn bernie are looking for the person who
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robbed an 80-year-old person yesterday. . someone came up to her and pushed her around and stole her money. the police don't have any suspects at this time. this officer is in critical and stable condition tonight. she was knocked over the jfx yesterday when a vehicle lost control and hit her cruiser. it's not clear what happened, but alcohol wasn't a factor. well, down to the casey anthony murder trial. the defense continues to present its case. casey anthony's car did not test positive for human decomposition. she's charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee and leaving her in the back of the trunk. those following the trial closely are talking about another woman in jail. there's a similarity between the two cases. >> her child died in a swimming pool and was found by the
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child's grandfather. >> in any event, we'll learn more about when the trial will wrap up soon. the judge has been asked to ask the defense more friday about the witnesses they have to call. some incredible video from around the nation. first, a police chase. a driver chased a 7-year-old boy. and why is this woman jumping on a car? she says that the people inside were stealing it and she wanted to stop them. [ male aouncer ] you know there are germs on every surface in your mouth. but did you know those same germs can build up and form a resilient layer called biofilm?
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good news for chrysler, consumer reports says that the auto maker is improving. they've redesigned several models and most are getting an a as good or very good ratings. chrysler's vp says they're working on the vehicles and hope that the consumers will start to notice.
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getting the comcast guy to your house. it won't mean taking a day off from work any more. comcast will cut the hours from four hours to two house. comcast started the two hour window in pennsylvania and so far, so good. all markets will be this way by 2012. the u.s. postal service will stop making prepayments to health care and retirement services retirement fund is overextended by $6.9 billion. the prepaid mix is required by congress. the postal service will lose $8.3 billion this year. schools out and kids are home and they're probably board. we'll put the fun back into
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your summer plans with great new toys. we'll test the latest to see which is worth the money. we've never seen anything like this before. >> he's speechless after two died after driving on a flooded road. a reminder of the dangers that lingered.
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we're working for you tonight. if you're looking for ways to keep your little ones busy, we have ideas about summer fun toys and a few tactics to make the kids less of a pain and maybe even have fun with patient -- parents.
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>> reporter: ah, summer. a few budget toys can help. first, sprinklers, the crazier, the better. these two from melissa and doug are great for the littler ones. these may entertain the older kids. next, if you have access to a pool or a lake, check out this extreme ball. it bounces on water. >> reporter: this would keep a 10-year-old busy. it's made in space age polymers and it is $11. i love this sports craft, any where table set. for 15 dollars, turn a table into a makeshift ping-pong table. these goggles made these kids giggle. finally, a water slide is great
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for kids and grown ups alike. don't spend a ton of money. you'll lose the peg. it's a one season only purchase. it's a lot more fun if you have a hill. >> it's a little bit weird, but it works! >> reporter: abc2 news, oakland, california. well, you know, the 4th of july and fireworks go together like hamburgers and fridge -- french fries. >> 8600 people ended up in the er because of fireworks last year. three people actually died. about 40% of the injuries happened to those under the age of 15. even harmless fireworks like the sparklers can cause injuries. abc2 news is working for
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you tonight. we have tips to keep you safe this 4th of july weekend. never allow a young child to play with or ignite fireworks. avoid buying fireworks in brown paper. they were made for professionals. always have an adult supervise the firework activities. never place any part of your body over the fireworks display. never relite fireworks. all right, we have a busy day downtown. people are pouring in downtown. the action and the crowd is headed towards m&t bank stadium. we were up in the mid-90s toe and the humidity is high. sticky conditions.
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here's the type lapse from the inner harbor. you can see the clouds holding tough. kind of a hot and hazy scenario. this is about what you would expect. it's tropically warm today. one last stop for you in southern maryland. we're looking over the mighty chesapeake. boy, the water temperature is getting up there. maryland's most powerful radar. the chance for rain is looking slim here. we have one isolated shower south of washington and other than that, most of the activity has been well off to the north and east. we'll look for that to stay that way for the next few hours. it will be awfully steamy downtown. temperatures slowly drop through the 90s and the humidity stays high. dew point stays muggy. you can get the dew points in the mid-70s.
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the heat index, still 99 degrees down in the heart of the city. tomorrow's forecast, 95 federal hill. 93 or so in harbor east. it's going to be another hot, sticky day. outer suburbs closer to 90. cloudy skies continuing and hazy conditions. new jersey and new england states, we're in a lull. we talked about this yesterday. this lull will be around for most of the concert. we have storms moving to the south and the west. this warm, hot air flow isn't going anywhere. the new cold front will get in here and clear things out for late in the weekend. it may not get out here. we have the stagnant weather pattern and still, showers possible in the morning. this cluster, if it holds up,
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the model is showing the cluster of storms into the eastern shore. watch the points to the east there. came bridge and easton, we'll see showers and storms at 72. tomorrow, we're talking about muggy, hot temperatures. one round of storms in the morning and one in the afternoon tomorrow. tropically warm and muggy. here's the out look. more of the same into the first full week of summer. i don't see much in the way of changes. we'll be back into the mid-80s sunday through tuesday. i have to caution, with these models, we have to get back to where we would normally be. the reality is, we've been above average. we'll see if that holds up. >> we could stay that way. >> yes. >> a lot of sweat in the stadium. >> yes! let's look at the news from
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around the nation tonight. we'll start you out from south dakota. two were killed after flooding created a huge sinkhole. drivers were on the road and they came across roads with high water and decided to cross it. not knowing that underneath the water was a 40-foot sinkhole. both vehicles were washed away and the drivers were found dead. it's the first time i've seen anything like this before. it's amazing. it's a sad, sad deal. >> reporter: the emergency management offered a no travel advisory for gravel roads. well, pennsylvania police have some frightening video oaf -- video of a hit-and-run. the person hit is okay. you'll see her. a car drives into a 7/11 worker
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and pushes them into the store. the driver gets out and flees the scene with her two passengers. the police know who the driver is and can't find her. one passenger says that they were all out drinking before the crash. the victim is recovering with a leg injury. dashcam from a video from michigan. a 7-year-old takes his step dad's car on the road. the police were concerned about the boy after getting a 911 call from another driver. the boy was driving and crying. he was traveling about 50 miles per hour and he drove off of the road a few times. listen as the officers explain more. >> you can see the cloud of dust and that car's sliding. when i went past him, he was crying. i was trying to get around him so he didn't swerve and hit me. >> the car lunged forward.
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my interaction shifted i tried to get him to put his foot on the brake. >> reporter: he took his step dad's car. he wanted to go see his biological father. three young men are at a wal-mart and they took out beer without paying. >> i told the cashier, do something. she couldn't and i said, watch my purse. >> reporter: so she chased the men and jumped on their hood. they drove off and she slid off of the car and fell off of the ground. the police caught them and they were charged with aggravated robbery and arrest. she said she probably shouldn't have tried that. we have a lot coming up at 6:00. remember that lemonade stand in montgomery county. well, we have a refreshing
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update. you know the cards you get for your wedding day are filled with cash. well, a few thieves knew about that, too. they took off with wedding cash. we have the reaction and the latest on the search for the suspects. those stories are coming up tonight at 6:00. coming up, we know that the -- we know about the top ten reasons you put on weight as you age. we'll show you the biggest threats in your kitchen. we'll see you then. you're the best, mr. snuggles.
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>> there tomorrow -- tomorrow, we're expecting "harry potter" news. they're fanning the flames with a new website. it's called some fans speculate it will be a game with hidden prizes. eitherrer way, we'll have -- either way, we'll have to wait and see. well, the next time you have a long commute, consider yourself luckier than one traveler. an emperor penguin came on shore on a new zealand beach. the country hasn't spotted this kind of visitor in 40 years. it will have to find a way home on its own. it may be time for this gorilla to trade in a zoo keeper for an agent.
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her break dancing moves are making her popular. the staff at the zoo better be at the top of the thank you list if she wins awards. tens of thousands of u2 fans are heading downtown baltimore. we'll go back to rosie and check in with wyatt with more on the weather. we'll have that and more on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts now. a thief crashes a wedding and ruins a newlywed's special day and what she stole before the reception started. he keeps finding his way into trouble. >> a man was arrested


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